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1) (verb) to lie about and libel someone mercilessly, and in a most outrageous manner

2) (noun) an invented story meant to viciously insult some person or group (in the traditional sense, usually a prominent Israeli Jew or American politician, or the Israeli or US government, or either group as a whole; the target can be any individual or group however); also, an invented story meant to euphemistically gloss over and/or compliment an otherwise reprehensible individual or group.

4 (noun) an outrageous lie; a whopper
(verb) Sharon didn't take her breakup very well; she's been chomskying her ex-boyfriend all over town.

(noun) That guy is an incredible bigot - whenever he's at some public gathering he can't help telling a chomsky or some anti-Semitic joke.
by DrCruel September 08, 2006
(n) A genius who tirelessly works to expose the murderous lies committed by the US government abroad.
I've never learned as much from school as I have from Chomsky's books!
by greg February 03, 2007
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