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In the South American sense, cholo means a person of mixed Native American/Hispanic heritage; a mestizo. The female equivalent is chola.
Alejandra es una muchacha muy hermosa, y Paco es su cholo.
by pentozali August 29, 2008
a bald-headed mexican gangster
check out that fine azz cholo walking down the street
by Anna Isabella November 02, 2006
a cholo is a guys that is in a gang. Normally they are bald and wear baggy clothes, but the old school cholos wear dickies to the waist and slicked their hair back.
Ese guey es une pinche cholo.
by la lady blu eyes April 10, 2007
A man who makes churros.
Dave- Hey man where did that churro come from?

Scott- From that cholo down the street.
by rosa garcia June 04, 2010
A Mexican gangster
"I Lean Like a Cholo"
(Elbows up, side to side, elbows up side to side......)
by cholocholocholo February 16, 2009
Cholo does not mean a "Mexican gangster" and it doesen't necassarily mean Mexican or Chicano. A Cholo is Spanish for Mestizo. A Mestizo is a person of mixed European and Native American heritage. Many Mestizos are Salvadoran, Honduran, Peruvian,Guatamalan, Mexican and Ecuadorian.
Some people don't even know what the word means and they post unreliable definitions.
by sdlfjslj January 22, 2004
In Texas, the word is used by Hispanics to talk about California Hispanics (specifically LA). The differences in Spanglish dialects are very noticeable in films.
Though filmed in Austin, the actors in Machete speak like a bunch of Cholos.
by MarcCCTx September 07, 2010