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To be great, bitchin or kick ass
"Kyle, let's go play Mario, it is so totally choice."
by RC March 11, 2003
15 148
an alternative action or possibility
I always choose to do what I think is best, therefore I don't really have a choice at all.
by yorrick hunt January 15, 2008
559 238
originally spoken in new zealand, is used as a pun at the way new zealnders speak. used as description of something you think is good.
"that jacket your wearing is choice."
by Vaughan Bones June 21, 2007
376 134
a word to describe a favorable situation; describing something enjoyable; top-notch; of utmost quality
Yo, those shoes are mad choice, too bad i'm flat out broke.
by E-Ska November 28, 2006
192 87
fine, fly, select, butter, hot shit, cream of the crop, brillint, tight, hot, preferred, desirable, best, in
Flexin' choice gear.
(Flaunting as dressed in the latest in fashion and apparal.)
by Busta Crevice March 13, 2005
96 45

Awesome, Sweet, Best Quality
Jimmy: "Dude there's a dead body near the river!?
Mike: "Choice!"
by Mike Spiffy March 24, 2005
89 67
N.-Referring to a man or woman that is the best at what they do

N.- The coolest kid you could ever meet
Micheal Jordan was pretty choice at basketball
by Aus10VViLLis October 11, 2010
11 11
After a long night of unsuccessfully trying to pick up a bunch of conceited girls at a particularly pretentious bar, go to the bathroon, jerk off into your hand, wipe it on the shirt/face of one of the girls and say "That could have been inside you, but that was a choice YOU made."
Guy 1 - "Any luck at that bar last night?"

Guy 2 - "Nah, bunch of stuck-up bitches. I got the shits and gave some girl the choice."
by matamus October 22, 2009
15 27