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The slightly homosexual nic-name JD gave Turk on Scrubs.
Dont worry chocolate bear, your body is tight
by someguywholikestoeatfood August 03, 2007
A term of endearment, to be directed (by a white female) towards a black male
White girl: "Priestly is my chocolate bear, I love him!"
by Blackcat16 March 07, 2010
A very sexy kinda husky brown dude who just gets chicks like no other
That dude Big Black on Rob and Big is a Chocolate Bear.
by Slamma Jamma March 12, 2008
the best friend anyone can ever have. he is actually white and soo sexy. body is carved by angels. has a Jew-Fro.
I chocolate bear that ho.
by dan the man0001092 February 22, 2008