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making yourself vulnerable to someone, while fully knowing that they may betray you.
"love will tear us apart" - joy division
by sooz_the_great November 23, 2005
The coolest damn monkeys in the world.

When used in conversation, it means; "Why yes, that sounds like an amiable occurrence, old bean."
Chris: "Want to come over on Friday?"
Sooz: "Monkeys of funkyness!"
by sooz_the_great March 29, 2006
amazingly wonderful. maginificently glorious. orgasmically good.
that chocolate was fantabulous
by sooz_the_great November 23, 2005
a really, really, really tasty thing to eat.
Sooz: you want a super chocolate bear?
Louisa: *drool*
by sooz_the_great June 07, 2006

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