word used to hide the word of cocaine
you got some chocha
by harry bush February 10, 2003
The piece of meat between the asshole and the vagina, or the asshole and the ballsack!
That girl is thight... I just feel like... pinching her chocha to see the thickness!
by Deep Thought June 20, 2005
3 hot babes from Kutztown, Pennsylvania. THE cho-cha. signifies their status as the only chill females in party situations.
who are those girls over there?

they are the cho-cha.

the cho what?

the cho-cha. like "call before you come i need to shave my cho cha"

yo dude, you just sang missy.

sorry, but they are hot babes aren't they?
by Samantha March 04, 2004

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