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Name for a woman usually of Mexican descent. Pretty,very intelligent,very unlikely to be ghetto, does not like ugly people, is very successful. She will surpass any obstacles put in front of her, takes life as it is and will keep going no matter what.
Person #1: "Wow! Guadalupe is so successful that I am extremely jealous!"
Person #2: "jeez, and i was sitting here thinking she was a chonga from the ghetto"
Person #1: "wow you are so racist, Guadalupe is my favorite person, I look up to her! I should nominate her for an award"
by akbar puffin muffin February 04, 2010
Guadalupe, was originally a Spanish toponym that derives from the Arabic word for "valley" or "river" and the Latin word lupus, meaning wolf. The name referred to the river Guadalupe in Spain.

Our Lady of Guadalupe who is a catholic icon of the Virgin Mary. The Lady of Guadalupe is of siginificant importance to Mexican culture, and is often referred to as the Queen of Mexico a true miracle of its time.

It is for this reason that many Mexican women and sometimes men with the name of Guadalupe are seen as highly important amongst their people. Guadalupe is a very sophisticated name and nonetheless those with the name are seen as conceited when really they are convinced.

Guadalupe does not associate herself with those of less stature than her own. And like Our Lady of Guadalupe, Guadalupe is considered a godess of her time. She is unlike no other.
A: "That woman thinks were conceited, I'm apalled!"

B: "Well whenever I'm with Guadalupe, we seem to get that reaction."

A: "She seems to forget that a godess like Guadalupe has no reason to feel conceited, she truly is just convinced."
by SalmaSelena February 17, 2010
A beautiful young girl that is never to mean, fun to be around with while make you smile no matter what. She's amazing a girl you can always have fun with she is unique no one else compares to her very talented in dance and drawing. Very lovable. You get lost in her brown eyes they lead you to a beautiful world that is indescribable. A girl that is worth fighting for. A girl that doesn't ask for much but is happy with what she has a girl that should never be let down. Has her laugh attacks that make you just laugh along with her. She will make you they happiest person alive.
Daym she's cute as a Guadalupe
by panda 13 January 13, 2014
when you find out you are mexican
i am a guadalupe .shit
by miss29 January 18, 2016
When you eat so much Mexican food you have blowout diahrreah. Sounds like gotta poopie.
Man that burrito is coming back to haunt me. I Guadalupe!
by DangerRuss August 29, 2014
When you fart so hard that your butt cheeks clap
i just Guadalupe on that little kid

dude did you hear that guy Guadalupe
by Riivera June 18, 2011
just about every other mexican person
Guadalupe tripped on her chanclas while stealing tortillas.
by nick_jo June 01, 2005

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