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A black person who acts like a white person!
yo, check that nigga right there, mutha fuckas a choc ice!
by odogg2 April 27, 2005
A black man who is black on the outside and white on the inside. They are a freak of nature.
Guy 1: John's black so he's probably pacey.
Guy 2: I dunno about that, he runs 100m in 20 seconds.
Guy 1: Shit! Choc-Ice!
by TheLadWeAllKnow January 08, 2013
A large black man who has sexual intercourse with matt hickinbothams mother.This usually occurs on a Saturday morning at around 6:00
Stick it in me "choc ice"(said with a brumey accent).
by doctor choc November 22, 2013
the descprition of a guys penis after giving anal sex and it comes out covered in shit.
ash: hey tan gave my bf a total choc ice last night
tan: ew have a word with your self you dutty person
by msMinaj June 11, 2012
The art of freezing a shit and then using it as a dildo.
'I gave the bitch a choc ice' She loves choc icing.
by Tony Dunn July 30, 2006
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