A cheese hoagie. Usually contains both provolone and american cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onions, hot peppers, oil and oregano. If the hoagie comes from Wawa, you need to specify "Wawa choagie." The best come from the small Italian sandwich or pizza shops in South Philly.
"One choagie, everything, pickes on the side."
by Heather Goldberg July 19, 2006
Top Definition
To leave, retreat in haste. To move out quickly.
"The enemy was closing in fast on the hot landing zone so we had to cut a choagie before we were caught without cover"
by Roger August 27, 2003
A famous hoagie (sub or hero) created by Chuck Cottle in Northeast Pa.
Could I have a Choagie with hot peppers to go, please?
by Chuck Cottle January 06, 2004
When a girl blows you while a dog eats a hoagie out of her pussy.
"Like Gee Whiz Scoob, Velma gives the best van choagies ever!"
by Martiansuccessor November 05, 2008
A long haul.
"oh, man... All the way to Charlie's place? That's a choagie!"
by Steve Schaeffer December 01, 2003
A Huge grey loogie containing lots of Pot Resin
A hung a sick "choagie" on a niggers face just for being a dumb nigger
by Danielle February 27, 2004
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