To crunch, grab, or otherwise maim a body part, particularly the male genitalia.
Hey, watch out for that board - you don't want to choach your junk!
by dsone January 10, 2007
Top Definition
N., a person who lacks courage and valor, a wuss. V., to behave in the manner of a choach or do someting in a choachy way, (choaching, choached, et cetera...)
From the Spanish 'Chocha,' vulgar slang refering to a woman's genitals.
You're being a choach. Just tell her how you feel.

He said he would go on the new roller coaster with us, but when we got to the park he choached out.
by jQ August 08, 2003
A large gaping pussy with fangs.
Did you see the size of that choach? Her choach chomped down on my dick.
by gollen October 01, 2003
aka vag, choacha.
Sarah whips out her choach when she gets drunk at parties.

Sarah teaches girls how to shave their choach.
by lauren October 05, 2003
When a female stands up and spreads her legs, revealing her Chauch, and the male goes underneith and sticks his choad inside of her.
I was standing there at the party, and John choached me.
by Joe February 09, 2005
Noun. A woman's vagina, or the activity of "getting a piece".

Made famous by Rex Herold.
"I got me some choach last night."

"I'm heading home to get some choach!"
by Boonaloo May 23, 2016
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