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4 definitions by jQ

N., a person who lacks courage and valor, a wuss. V., to behave in the manner of a choach or do someting in a choachy way, (choaching, choached, et cetera...)
From the Spanish 'Chocha,' vulgar slang refering to a woman's genitals.
You're being a choach. Just tell her how you feel.

He said he would go on the new roller coaster with us, but when we got to the park he choached out.
by jQ August 08, 2003
1. with qualities associated with a j.a.p. or jap.
2. very loud, annoying, arrogant, and spoiled.
My entire dorm is so jappy. Everyone's from Long Island!
by jq February 18, 2004
woman of mystery
that one there she is a real reb, no one knows much about her
by JQ October 09, 2003
A cry fom olden times........meaning We are the Papists........shouted by closet Catholics in the dark so no one could see them
by JQ October 15, 2003