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a filipino and chinese guy
My dad is chinese and my mom is a pinay; therefore, im a chinoy.
by biggraiyuncee March 21, 2004
A person of Chinese and Filipino blood or one who has a Mother/Father of Chinese or Filipino background and a Mother/Father of Chinese or Filipino background.
My Mother is Filipino(pinoy) and My Dad is Chinese(i think it's chinx or something) so i'm Chinoy. True Story you know.
by Michael.C September 20, 2005
a person with a mixture of both Chinese and Filipino blood. Chinoy's are usually half Chinese. they get most of their features from their Chinese side more than their Filipino side.
They come with cute narrow eyes and fair skin tone.
(cute Filipino girls talking)
girl#1: Who's that cute guy over there? he looks so foreign...
girl#2: Oh that! He's a chinoy... we can talk to him cuz' he's part Filipino and speaks tagalog.
chinoy: kamusta kayo? (means "how are you?" in tagalog)
girl#2: (talks to girl#1) see, i told you so...
by loki-loki October 20, 2009
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