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a food dish of quebecois origin, made up of layered ground beef, corn and potatoes. People with the last name Gauthier enjoy pate chinois everyday. Pate Chinois is the antithesis of broccoli.
"Whats for supper Mr Gauthier?" "Pate Chinios." "Pate Chinious again!??!"
by Claude November 26, 2004
A meeting held by the guy from the dark side, laced with contradictions, grammatical errors, mood twists, and Dum Dum blowing up to end it.
Guy, the work is horrible! On the other hand, the work is the bess I ever see!
by Claude November 26, 2004
1.A man amonst men,full of machismo.
2.A man who enjoys drinking Budweiser beer.
by Claude September 11, 2003
1. Joe's cat
2. A vagina with no hair, or just a muahhhh strip of hair.
"Joe did you get any minou last night?"
"No but I shaved my cat"
by Claude November 26, 2004
the area between your arsehole and you dick
I have a sweaty gaza strip
by claude October 03, 2003
Pooey-Crunchlits then attach to your ass/pubic hair. After taking a shit of course.
Claude has some mean Dopplegangers.

Greg can crunch his Dopplegangers with his fingers.
by Claude October 05, 2004

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