The spanish word for, "Fuck"
by sealed-fate March 24, 2003
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In spanish "chinga" is basically like the word fuck. So it can be used chingado or other ways.
Puta chinga de madre. (go fuck your mother, whore.)
by Dancing Iguana August 11, 2003
What skinny, tarted-up latina girls call each other when they squabble.
"Hola, Chinga."
"Who you callin Chinga, chinga?"
"Estas la chinga, chinga."
"Oh this is on, gordita!"

Arm flapping/slapping/hilarity ensues.
by TreeWeezel November 19, 2010
to bother, complain, bitch, or f*#k.
No me chingas! - Quit bothering me !(just a tad bit stronger though)
by craig January 15, 2004
A very technical term for a person, place or thing when the exact name of the subject is not known.
1) John Doe 1 "I took my car into the shop and they told me that I had a broken part on my suspension."

John Doe 2 "What was it?"

John Doe 1 "The chingas."

John Doe 2 "Those always go out."

2) The HVAC unit consists of a compressor, coil and other chingas.
by Sancho El Sucio May 05, 2011
A small piece of wood or construction debris that hangs over the edge or predetermined size of the piece or material being installed.
Cut that chingas off and it'll fit into place.
by rick crum March 31, 2007
Bad ass, cool, sweet
Your new car is chingas!
by lLL NANA May 10, 2008

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