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Big Dick
That guy is packin!
by Liza August 20, 2003
The best band ever. Period.
Hot Hot Heat owns your unborn children.
by Liza October 04, 2003
Italian for "little girl", used as slang for a good-looking young woman. Used like "baby" in English.
*to a pretty girl walking down the street* "Hey bambina, you break-a my heart! Where you going? Come with me!"
by Liza April 20, 2005
The best band ever. Period.
Silverchair owns your unborn children.
by Liza October 04, 2003
The stupidest word ever created. Meant to describe a band that suddenly got popular. Suddenly, that band's music isn't good anymore, because they're too popular. Never to be used unless you want to sound like a moron who has no idea what you're talking about.
Oh my god, Green Day are such sell outs, and I'm a complete idiot who lives in my mom's basement.
by Liza October 04, 2003
a female scrub, a girl who thinks shes all that but doesnt even have the looks to make up for all that she lacks
That chicka thinks shes all that, but she aint nothing but a pigion!
by liza January 04, 2005
A science fiction or fantasy fan. From the abbreviation "SciFi". Plural : Sciffies.
"Hey, check out all the sciffies in line for the next star wars movie."
by Liza May 09, 2005

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