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A solo sex act in which a lady tittie-fucks herself with a dildo. (Orig. Only a Polish woman would be dumb enough to tittie fuck herself with a dildo. Also, the act of tittie-fucking oneself with a dildo would produce a motion much like bowing a violin).
Susie Woznoski: "My god- my neck is so sore."
Dana: "Why?"
Susie Woznoski: "I tried the Polish fiddle last night. I did it for hours and never came." :(
by bobby771 September 25, 2009
abbrev. for chingadera, meaning an unspecified object; to be used in tandem with chinga, for related unspecified objects (eg. referring to weed as chinga, and a pipe as dera).
Stoner 1:"Hey man- you got the chinga?"
Stoner 2:"Yeah- you got a dera?"
by bobby771 August 22, 2009
abbrev. for chingadera, meaning an unspecified object.
"hey man- hand me that chinga over there."

"hey man- where's the weed at?"
"over there on top of the chinga."
by bobby771 August 21, 2009
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