Chest pimples
You have large chimples
by MHD April 01, 2003
Top Definition
Chin Dimple
Dude! Ben Affleck's got a huge chimple.
by N/A August 20, 2003
Rare dimples that appear at either side of ones chin
Oh look, Michelle has chimples!
by matthew bewick March 25, 2008
i) A pimple which forms on the Chin which is red and sore when popped.

ii) A word used on twitter to express something which cannot be explained by words that easily.
ii) too early in the morning! Chimple

ii) Wait I go away for 5 mins and people forget to Chimple ..?
by N7_Steph June 26, 2011
So simple a chimp could do it.
"If you mix red and yellow you get orange, it's chimple"
by thethongofanime June 01, 2009
A pimple on one's chin.
"EW, that girl that just walked by had like five chimples going on!"
by sillhouette-sara May 30, 2009
A pimple on the chin that is difficult to pop.
God damnit, not another chimple.
by CramWow April 19, 2010
Pimples on your chin.

'Chin Pimples'
Did you see all of her chimples!?
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
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