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way to describe smoking cannabis, especially for people who don't smoke cigarettes.
Ryan:"hey amit going for a spliff today?"
Amit:"yepo gonna shmoke it up"

Girl:"hey do you have any fags?"
Boy:"nah soz don't smoke"
Girl2:"hey coming for a spliff?"
Girl:"thought you didn't smoke"
Boy:"yeah but i shmoke"
by thethongofanime November 08, 2005
4D in this case is having your senses heightened, so you don't see things in 3D as you usally do, you see them in 4D hear them smell them taste them touch them. it happens when you smoke alot of weed, just before you whitey mainly, so basically being real stoned.
you seem to be able to read body language better, and figure things out, but way too lazy to move, and in my case my limb's such as my legs and arms, seem to move to the sound of music without my control.
everything is warm in 4D and you generally feel good, but you can ffeel down when you realise the faults of your friends, and what makes you feel down is that your thinking about your friends in this kinda way
but end of it's all good.

the term for this 4D orginated in wolverhampton, by a guy called amit
Stax:"Amit are you ok?"
Amit"no everythings 4D"

Emma:"Amit you getting 4D today?"
Amit: "hopefully :D"
by thethongofanime August 09, 2005
1) a TCG eaisly reconised, to be based around magic: the gathering
2) an anime, which, points out that is a tv show, and makes numerous references to past episode, as episodes, giving it a comedy value
3) not a yu gi oh rip off, and as a yu gi fan i can say this eaisly, yu gi, came out, and was popular, the demand 4 another card game based show, was high, therefore DM came out,the anime is a completely different style, and so is the card game, so before, u fuckwits bash it for being a "rip off" get ur facts str8 (ppl like this, are the 1's who claimed digimon, was a rip off of poke'mn <which i also love/d> even the the basic idea, of digimon was out 3 years b4 the poke'mon was made)
4) on this date of 13 oct 2004, it is the number 1 TCG in Japan
Kettou Da! - "I challenge you!"
Yoshi!- "I accept!"
Ikuzo! - "I'm ready!"
Koi! - "Bring it on!"
Ike! - "Attack!"
Todome Da! - "The killing blow!"
by thethongofanime October 13, 2004
So simple a chimp could do it.
"If you mix red and yellow you get orange, it's chimple"
by thethongofanime June 01, 2009
A group of people who hang around in Wolverhampton (UK).
They generaly get drunk, and/or stoned.
Formally civic kids, and an offshot of the Stalex group, the people of Picnic, take their name from the original intention, to get away from town and all the "n00bs", by finding a grassy hill, near the University and Molienux. Which was dubbed "Picnic Area" by the fact of people getting together, and purchasing food and drink, all sharing within the group, and eating this all in sunny weather on grass.
The numbers of Picnic grew, when freinds, of the original group started to come, and then friends of friends.
Adding the perfect combination of, Stoners Drunkards, Party People, and Very Sweet People.
Picnic members tend to be outspoken, and have no problem, expressing their feelings about anything on their mind, this leads to easy cohersion within the group.
This outspokeness, also leads to mockery of lesser people, who really need to get a clue.
Picnic is a great time, people look forward to picnic, it's a time where you can be with the people you really like, just having a good time, sharing private jokes and enjoying life.

"Picnic is not a place,
It's the people, It's what you make of it."

"What's that coming over the hill?

"Yo it's nearly 4.20"
by thethongofanime November 07, 2006

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