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Rare dimples that appear at either side of ones chin
Oh look, Michelle has chimples!
by matthew bewick March 25, 2008
14 4
Chin Dimple
Dude! Ben Affleck's got a huge chimple.
by N/A August 20, 2003
43 16
i) A pimple which forms on the Chin which is red and sore when popped.

ii) A word used on twitter to express something which cannot be explained by words that easily.
ii) too early in the morning! Chimple

ii) Wait I go away for 5 mins and people forget to Chimple ..?
by N7_Steph June 26, 2011
7 3
So simple a chimp could do it.
"If you mix red and yellow you get orange, it's chimple"
by thethongofanime June 01, 2009
12 8
A pimple on one's chin.
"EW, that girl that just walked by had like five chimples going on!"
by sillhouette-sara May 30, 2009
18 14
A pimple on the chin that is difficult to pop.
God damnit, not another chimple.
by CramWow April 19, 2010
6 8
Pimples on your chin.

'Chin Pimples'
Did you see all of her chimples!?
by Moose69 July 25, 2008
6 8