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swiping your faulk halk through ass cheeks
i want to show that chick the chimney sweep.
by infamousenzo February 25, 2011
0 3
slang term for a gynecologist. could also be used to describe a proctologist.
I think I might have some squirrels beging to nest, I need to make an appointment with a chimney sweep.

Margret just got back from a brutal chimney seeping; aparently she had a lot of built up soot.
by octhrope word March 23, 2010
46 27
Chimneysweep is a slang term for a genius, used on many forums around the internet.
We love you chimneysweep!
by Shaun Russell November 07, 2004
9 5
When stimulating or caressing the anus of another using the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.

See "Dusting" for related subjects
After completing a very satisfied dusting session, Johnny moved around back to sweep the chimney

chimney sweep
by BAMFMASTA M December 04, 2010
7 6
Comes from Madness Temple, to mean a complete tit with no redeeming qualities. A user once accidentaly named himself this and was shamed forever more.
Pah, look at that idiot. Hes such a chimneysweep.
by Tom Chambers November 13, 2004
5 4
sexual position, similar to the pile driver.
should be performed at least once a month, preferably twice minimum to prevent carbon build up or deposits along the walls of the inside of the intestines.
"so i met this girl last night and i asked her if she had had her chimney sweeped yet this season. she said no, so i sweeped it good.
by el_chimneysweep April 11, 2009
4 4
When a man with a mustache (homosexual or not) gives another man a blow job and their mustache rubs or tickles the top of the shaft of the penis of the man who is receiving the blow job. Also in turn, This could also apply to a woman who has a mustache and is giving a blow job to a man.
"That girl/guy looks like they would give a really nice chimney sweep!"
by Heliostrap October 25, 2011
2 3
when a hetero couple is in 69 position the female grabs her dreadlocks in her fist and rubs them in a circular motion on the mans taint
I cant believe that broad gave me the ol' chimney sweep.
by Savege Henry August 14, 2011
5 6