Is when a male inserts his penis into a stoma (hole in the neck in order to breathe) and has sex with the hole
I saw that this bitch had a bermuda triangle and i couldnt go down there or i would have ended up giving her a free meal so i went up to the neck for the chimney sweep
by travs05 December 14, 2008
to insert a toothbrush into your rear end for sexual pleasure, bristles first
my brush snapped when i was chimney sweeping, its still in the flute now.

i chimney swept my dog

look dude, you do not want to shard whilst chimney sweeping
by mr b allbags August 14, 2008
This is the equivelent of tackle bag but applies only to a woman. A chimney sweep would be a man sought after for only a one night romp for the purpose of keeping the female genitalia current and up to date.
Jess hadn't slept with anyone in a few months so she went to the bar in hopes of locating a chimney sweep to bring her sex life back to active status.
by Sarah A. Thompson September 06, 2006
Derogative term for black people who are abnormally dark, as an English chimney sweep would be
That chimney sweep Charlie Murphy is funny as hell
Yo, chimney sweep smile so i can see your ass; its too dark.
by Charlie Sampson March 06, 2006
swiping your faulk halk through ass cheeks
i want to show that chick the chimney sweep.
by infamousenzo February 25, 2011
When you cover your face with glue and go down on a chick with an electric razor in hand. You shave her bush and rub your face in the shaved pubes. You come up with pubic facial hair and yell "Chimney Sweep!"
Check out my sweet goatee, I totally chimney sweep'd this chick yesterday.
by metztopia April 01, 2009

A person who smokes so much heroin that their face and immediate surroundings are covered in soot (a byproduct of burning heroin on foil).
Yo, chimney sweep! Wash your face! Your mama's at the front door!
by Tube Disaster October 29, 2015

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