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when a hetero couple is in 69 position the female grabs her dreadlocks in her fist and rubs them in a circular motion on the mans taint
I cant believe that broad gave me the ol' chimney sweep.
by Savege Henry August 14, 2011
5 6
The act of putting you face in the ass of someone else while your are in a sitting position, and they are upside down with their back to you. This move can be used as a sexual position, but appears most often in fighting games after a grab attack.
Man it sucks playing against Seth! Everytime you get near him he does that grab that ends in a chimney sweep.
by Frankxor February 24, 2009
5 6
a person who cleans the inside of anothers colon with their penis
gary glitter is a chimney sweep
by max bojovic December 22, 2007
4 5
the act of pleasuring your significant other and cleaning their colon at the same time. This is usually executed using an industrial strength pipe cleaners (these can be found at your local SuperWalmart).
"Dude how come you couldn't hang out last night?"
"Man I've been gettin the poop dick from my girlfriend every time we do anal, so I had to stay at the house and give her a good chimney sweeping."
"Oh, sweet."
by generalneedles January 19, 2005
20 21
the act of cleaning another person's anus and rectum with one's mustache.
Bobby John didn't shave all week so he could give Billy Jo a good chimney sweeping.
by vingt20 June 17, 2011
1 3
Shoving one's fist up a man's ass, and then opening up the hand up. Like a 'Mary Poppins,' but to a man instead of to a woman.
The two gay guys took turns giving each other chimney sweeps.
by LEBOWSKI99 November 22, 2009
9 11
When you give a chick a tracheotomy, then fuck her in her trach-hole.

bonus points if you blow your load and it comes out her nose. (aka "the white sneeze from betwixt the knees")
Boyfriend: Oh no, my girlfriends choking! Does anyone know the heimlich?

Hero: Step aside, I'll handle this. (hands on hips)

(Our hero then picks a knife up off the table, stabs her in the throat, drops trou, and fucks the hell out of her neck. The food flies into her boyfriends face. Semen dribbles out her nose."

Hero: And that's the chimney sweep (exits through window, hero-styles)

Random: Yo, was that a chimney sweep to white sneeze from betwixt the knees?! And one bitches!
by bshaft May 19, 2009
11 13