Another word for relaxing and comfort. Also Chilling can be used for pleasure...
I am just chilling for tonight.
Do you want to come over and CHILL with me... (meaning I am trying to get some)!!!
#chilling #chillin #chillen #chill #dipressing #distant #friendly #warm
by Miss Lady October 09, 2006
Top Definition
relaxing doing nothing special.
a:whut chu doin?
a:yea, i smell you (smell u mean u kno what he means)
by bRi-eazy June 01, 2003
When some one is in a relaxed mode.
I'm just chillin tonight.
by dmackdaddy November 20, 2002
To be in a state of prolonged satisfactory boredom. A positive phase of behing, not regarded as behing bored but not in the process of doing anything worth elaborating upon.
1- Hey man wutz goin on.

2- Nuthin juz " Chillin ".
#chillin #realxing #chill #chilling #to chill
by Morgan oliver December 28, 2006
what i call my children.
dem chillins are 'sleep.
by stef December 10, 2004
Doing nothing that involves effort that you dont wanna do,
so it means the only effort your doing is the effort you want to put into life.
music chillin chillaxin chill eating and watching tv at the same time
#chill #relaxin #cool #calm #effort
by ORANGE1234 November 05, 2011
a term used by the younger generation Z to indicate everything is ok.
ie, everything is chill.
this term evolves from the other word, "cool" ,
which was used by people like their parents
and obviously they cant use this word due to it being outdated and not chill.
Q what are you doin tonite ?
A nothin just chillin.
which means just "coolin out".
#chillin #chilling #cool #coolin it #coolin out #just chill dude #cool it
by doctorsteve February 08, 2014
relaxation...but by yourself...
You hanging with anyone tonight? chillin
#relax #loner #tool #chill #bored
by SuperGinge23 October 10, 2010
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