relaxed! livin it up
Im judt chillin lika villin on some mad penasillin!
by jigga 2 April 30, 2003
chillin means relaxing in the ghetto w/ PIMP GANGSTER!
gangster 1- sup?
gangster2- chillin at the holiday inn...
by tony December 13, 2003
The idiom chillin’ or chilling is utilized by wannabe gangsters to illustrate activities that engross relaxing; for example watching television, drinking alcohol and feeding ducks, et cetera.
––––•(-• ©HËL§éå lÚvïñ ¿û|<Ê ()6 •-)•–––– says: wht u bin up 2
aby chillin 2 duble o six says: jst chillin, u
––––•(-• ©HËL§éå lÚvïñ ¿û|<Ê ()6 •-)•–––– says: chillin
aby chillin 2 duble o six: lol
by pods June 06, 2006
layin back and relaxin.smokin some killa bud, sippin henny. in english smokin and drinking alchohal and relaxin. best time u can have
gansta 2- wud up dawg wachyall doing
g1- aww man we be chillin hommie
by ghost March 18, 2005
To stay after school and do stuff.
You chillin today? Yeah i'm stayin' to work out.
by DeAndre' March 10, 2008
to be relaxing, and just basically hanging out, having a good time
"Hey how you doing?"
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
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