person 1:so what was you up to last night
person 2:nm just chillin
by pumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 06, 2011
adjective used to describe when something is dope
Yo, that ride was chillin
by jibo May 20, 2005
To deny involvement with many women
Girl: I heard that you have a lot of girls.
Guy: Girl what are you talking about I just be chillin.
by FFTOF18 May 09, 2006
Straight cold kickin' it live.
Wez chillin' in the hood.
by poncho villa May 13, 2003
to chill...same as chilling
i am chillin
by ank dawg April 30, 2003
Another word for relaxing and comfort. Also Chilling can be used for pleasure...
I am just chilling for tonight.
Do you want to come over and CHILL with me... (meaning I am trying to get some)!!!
by Miss Lady October 09, 2006
child, children
Get the chillins inside da hizzle
by Daniel February 09, 2004
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