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relaxation...but by yourself...
You hanging with anyone tonight?

Nah...im chillin
by SuperGinge23 October 10, 2010
A place to rest or keep something. Usually to come back to it later.
Leighton: Is that pan still in the oven?
Annie: Yeah, but it's just chillin' there.
Leighton: Oh, I thought it was still on.
by rxdoll January 22, 2011
Pretty much anything that is not exciting.
Frank: What you doing?
Carlos: Just chillin
by Derek :) January 14, 2006
Being out there and being cool
I'm not doing anything special, just chillin..
by TFS July 24, 2005
person 1:so what was you up to last night
person 2:nm just chillin
by pumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 06, 2011
Blazed as fuuuuuuuuck.
Ron: Yo mayne what's good?
Joe: I'm chillin yo, just faced three L's!
by lkyle September 13, 2010
meaning; relaxing in a cold domicile, later it became a standard reply for just relaxing at home or being at ease where ever one was.
An ebonics term from the 70's that came from the "hood". Mostly used in the neighborhoods called the "Projects"
when the bills were not paid and the gas and electricity was turned off. During winter or when it was cold, when someone would call a person on their cell phone and ask "whatzup" the other person would respond with "we're just chillin"
by ed eichinger November 14, 2005