When a man proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse (of the anal variety) with a woman or another man and while performing this act the man or woman defecates on the mans penis. The defecating man or woman then proceeds to eat the feces of of the mans penis, similar to that of eating the chili off of a chili dog. The penis is the hotdog, the buns are the buttocks of the recieving man or woman, and the feces are the chili.
Franks said his penis smelled like shit for three days after sally gave him the "chili dog."
by james the barbarian July 13, 2009
When a person shits on their partners tits and keeps tittyfucking them.
I can't believe Mike kept tittyfucking Scarlett after he gave her a Chili dog.
by Niggerhater101 October 15, 2007
When a guy shits on a girls chest, then proceeds to titty fucking her
When Logan went over to Jocelyn's house, they had a wild night of chili dogging
by mike slegier June 27, 2004
when a man shits on a girls chest and then titty fucks her
im gonna give you a chili dog baby!!!
by Alan September 29, 2003
Similar to the cleveland steamer, while fucking a girls tits, you take a shit between the breasts, thus creating a chili dog.
I promised my hoe a pearl necklace, but I dunn gave duh bitch a chili dog instead.
by Anonymous October 16, 2002
When a man procedes to take a nice Dumb or Diahrea dump on a womens chest and procedes to titty fuck her untill he blows his special white snot all over the girls chest/face.
Kevin Don gave Erika a nice chili dog last night and John came and joined in by makeing her a Portuguese breakfast. Kevin brown watched this while explodeing in laughter.
by Kundak March 16, 2007
During spooning, the act of the spoonee farting on the phallus of the spooner. Considered particularly embarrassing if performed by a vegan.
Person 1: I was spooning a girl last night when she gave me a chili dog!
Person 2: Awesome! Was she a blonde chick from Pennsylvania?
Person 1: How'd you know!
Person 2: She did it to me last week! I was totally awkward turtle.
by Wacky Turtle February 21, 2007
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