Children of the Corn is a horror film series about children from Gatlin, Nebraska who murder their parents in the name of the deity "He Who Walks Behind The Rows." The film series was adapted from the 1977 short story by Stephen King. The original film was released in 1981 and spawned 7 sequels and 1 poor cable remake.
Children of the Corn is a creepy horror film!
by COTCguy October 04, 2012
Top Definition
1. A horror movie about children that come from corn kernels that kill people.
2. The Amish.
1. Let's go watch Children of the Corn Urban Harvest!
2. These people are not right...they're like...children of the corn or something!
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter January 02, 2008
CoC for short. What could have been potentially ''the best rap group of all time''. Harlem based consisting of friends Killa Cam, Ma$e, Bloodshed, McGruff and the founder Big-L. Recorded there material in the early 90's. You would own one of there cds if bloodshed and big-l didn't die.
''have you got the children of the corn mixtape''
''well go get it or at least download it''
by dave 1 January 09, 2006
1. Unbelievably creepy kids who live in Iowa and kill their parents
2. A very nasty bush on a chick that has not exercised proper grooming and hygeine, resulting in a poor agricultural site between her thighs
1. "that little freak looked like something out of Children of the Corn!"
2. "I dove into the Garden of Eden and instead found Children of the Corn!"
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
The substance that is created when ejaculate has been unloaded in a rectum ripe with fecal matter.
My girl and I tried anal sex last night, unfortunately she didn't tell me she was constipated. When I finished she farted out some nasty children of the corn.
by bangedupnet July 13, 2010
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