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A woman's shamefully unkempt vaginal hair (bush) which has grown to resemble the outrageous wig of famed guitarist James "Jimi" Hendrix, as though the man was still alive and had been caught in a horrible brain squeeze between the skank's thighs.
"I ran for the hills when I went for the pussy and found a Hendrix headlock down there!"
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
the act of sexual intercourse in such an extreme and brutal manner that it is reminiscent of the shameless, horrible, bucking, snorting, hair pulling, biting style in which equines mate.
Ned: Hey dude, did ya get laid?
Ed: Due, I was horse fucking that bitch til she was ripped apart, screaming in agony, and still begging for more. I don't make love, my dorky friend, I horse fuck 'em.
by afterbirtha September 03, 2009
A woman's vaginal hair that has been so shamefully neglected as to take on the physical characteristics of two large eagles trapped between said bitch's ample thighs.
"Holy crap, is that Jimi Hendrix down there or a double eagle where your pussy should be!?"
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
1. Unbelievably creepy kids who live in Iowa and kill their parents
2. A very nasty bush on a chick that has not exercised proper grooming and hygeine, resulting in a poor agricultural site between her thighs
1. "that little freak looked like something out of Children of the Corn!"
2. "I dove into the Garden of Eden and instead found Children of the Corn!"
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
the act of sexual intercourse in such a vile, filthy manner that it is happily reminiscent of the ugly, disgusting way in which dogs have sex.
Ned: Hey dude, get any pussy?
Ed: Oh dude, I was dog fucking that skank so bad the film would probably be illegal if sold in the civilized world. I just dog fucked that nasty cunt.
by afterbirtha September 03, 2009
A male sex organ of ridiculously large mass and excessive length, known for causing acute pain particularly in overweight, trailer inhabiting, slovenly white women, having it's origin in the lore regarding the hapless but physically gifted African-American slave folk.
"Figure it out, Einstein, she didn't dump you for Jermaine's apeish good looks or his money - she just needed that big fat nigger dick."
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008

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