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Portmanteau of 'chainsaw' and 'dildo'.
A dildo mounted conveniently on a chainsaw body. When operated, the dildo twists and vibrated violently. for some, the ultimate pleasure, for others a reason to see their gyno.
Filthy woman: did you bring it?

Gimp: the childo? yeah, give me a minute to get it fired up
by cannas™ August 28, 2008
A gimp mask with a dildo protruding from the chin. Worn by such Amsterdam heros as Stephen Thom.
Is that a childo he's wearing?
by Moscow March 29, 2005
A chin dildo that you strap on your chin and use while going down on a girl
He gave her double the pleasure. He went down on her with a childo on.
by montie max April 05, 2011
Pretty much the best thing ever created and conceived by human beings in this timeline, universe, and earth.

A dildo that triumphantly hangs from one's jowl, as if to say, "Hello world. I am here, and I want to fuck you."
Come here, there is a childo waiting for your asshole.
by William Buttersworth Graves September 05, 2008
A chili dildo. Refers to a dildo dipped in chili.
"Dude, what are you eating your chili with?"
"Ran out of spoons, so I'm using a childo."
ERRYBODY- "Pass the childos!"
by J-Rutty July 27, 2011
A dildo that is a replica of a chode.
Josh : oh god, beth take out that childo
and use my one. it's much more ROUGH.

Beth : but its not blick! i like blick childos.

Josh : Paint my chode blick then. It'll be fun. Especially how Uncle Sam isn't home. (:
by WeedyLOL January 18, 2009
Combination of the words chode and dildo. A dildo that has more girth in it's diameter than in it's length.
Disgusted, she placed the childo back on the rack, prefering a longer and narrower dildo.
by samurai June 26, 2003
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