A childo is a dildo that is made to replicate a choad.
"The childo made Shaquesa have a super-orgasm"
by Regob22 June 02, 2007
Simple -- 1. A dildo in the shape of a chode 2. Some one you hate (Just to let everyone know, I myself invented this word at school in San Francisco during P.E.
Man, that Yishra girl is a real childo
Put the childo away, you fag!
by Dominic B. February 22, 2004
A legendary language thought up by a very brilliant, beautiful, sophisticated, talented, articulate, hansom, superior, generous person. (mr. JP)

The language consists of normal english grammar using the "CH" sound to replace the first main syllable and any important breaks on words.

Absolutely unique: the word "Childo" literally translates into "dildo"
Che Changuage chof childo

Chou chare cha chucking chetard! Chi chant chelive chat chou chould chwear chomeching cho chamn chugly chou chy charty chand chen chocede choo chit chon chy choychiend! Cho, cho chits chon chitch
by aqua dolce August 24, 2008

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