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One half Chinese and one half Nigga.
Dang yo! Chigro got the best nugs!
That Chigro poontag is the shizzy!
by Psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
a Chineese African American..
Or anyone of asian and African Decent..
alright man..Hes a Chineese Negro ok therfore Chigro..
now let him go its not his fault hes Ghetto..

Silly Chigro china kicked you out and all the niggaz dispise you
by Illuminati2925 April 03, 2006
Politically correct way of saying "chigger."
No: "I got several chiggers in the woods today."
Yes: "I got several chigros in the woods today."
by Shoe Store August 11, 2010
A person who is completely Chinese (no specific spoken dialect needed) and acts black. Usually, their grades are beyond human comprehension yet they speak with a ghetto accent, inherited by his ancestors that lived in Brooklyn.
Hey Cholo! Watch out for that Chigro, eh?
This was totally unexpected! This Chigro has an average of 98%!
by easykz November 22, 2010
A chink. An asian dude. Like negro but referring to a chinese dude.
That crazy chigro sold me some bad chinese food.
by Jimmy Z September 07, 2004
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