A word that describes a Chinese person acting as if he was a black gangster, some 'Chiggas' glorify themselves as one or some may think their fake or being stereotypical about blacks who listen to hip hop
"Im tha realest Chigga in tha mutha fuckin hizzy"

"Look at that clown ass Chigga"
by Mr T April 12, 2004
Slang for a chill ass nigga. A chigga is chill and doesn't give a fuck about what other people think.
"Chigga, please"

"Chigga don't kill my vibe"
by therealchigga August 15, 2013
A Chigga is someone who lives in a the Tasmanian suburb of Chigwell.
A Chigga is in fact a Rare type of Bogan and are only found in the one place.

They can be rough and mouthy and generally travel in packs. They love there beer and alcohol andf you ever get in a fight with them bring a gun because there weapon of choice is a knife.

They are generally poor, they don't have jobs and live on Tax Payers money.
Kid One:
Where does Joe live?

Kid Two:
He lives in Chigwell. He is a Chigga

OMG that mans hurt we should help him

NO DON'T! He's a Chigga
by Saxman443 November 24, 2009
An asian that is a striaght up gangster
That dude ChimmyChong is a striaght Chigga.
by Chimmychong March 24, 2007
Refers to a bogan type person who lives in Chigwell, a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
That fuckn' chigga over there!!
by kozza July 21, 2004
A chinese person who thinks he is gangsta, wants to be a nigga
Quit frontin you stupid ass chigga.
by goran June 19, 2003
An insult to Chinese people who act gangsta.
Yo you dirty chinese CHIGGA
by hater September 12, 2003
Chigga is basicly wigga but an oriental (chinese, japanese, vietnamese etc) person who thinks theyre black.
Theres not many chiggas around, but just incase u will need the word.
by Mz Myztikal July 12, 2004

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