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A shortened more colloquial version of chiddery. Often used to express anything.

-"Another one bites the chid"

-"If it bleeds we can chid it it"
by Draedalus September 01, 2008
Chid. n.: Variant pronunciation of the word "kid", as sung by Michael Jackson in his song "Billy Jean". Later it came to become a word in it's own right due to its unique association with the very popular and eccentric King of Pop. (see "Shamon" for another example). It's primary sense is in referring to a child or kid, and possibly serves as a spontaneously evolved contraction of these two words. It can be used more properly in a derisive sense, as if to imply a social/psychological distance from a child, implying that the user has disdain for the idea of caring for or claiming responsibility for that child.
1. Song/source: "Billy Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl who says that I am the one.... but the chid is not my son"... _ Michael Jackson

2. "Yo Deshawna, get yo chids out of my car, they're eating up all the upholstery!"
by zjheah August 18, 2013
A combination of "children" and "kids", it refers to young people who are particularly insolent and/or annoying. Most often used in chat rooms.
" lol ne1 want 2 chat?"

"Fucking chids need to learn how to spell"
by Kodomo September 28, 2008
Mix of a child and an idiot. Basically someone who is really immature and annoying.
"Hey, did you hear the rumour about you that Maggie was spreading?" - Person 1
"Yeah, but it's not like anybody will believe her, she's such a chid." - Person 2
by vokesalicious December 28, 2011
A chav kid
Damn chids stole my bike again
by Peckdog September 04, 2010
The opposite of PLUR
PLUR is dead, I am of CHID
by Teedizzlemynizzle October 02, 2007
shit...of any kind really.
Bob: Dude! Look at that car.
Steve: Yea man, whatta piece of chid.
by little.potato.grower September 08, 2008