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one who attacks another with any kind of tape
Oh my fucking god!...Josh is such a tapist, he attacked me with an entire roll of scotch tape yesterday!
by little.potato.grower September 08, 2008
shit...of any kind really.
Bob: Dude! Look at that car.
Steve: Yea man, whatta piece of chid.
by little.potato.grower September 08, 2008
Located in Huntington, West Virginia. Home Of the Thundering Herd. Has a movie about it called 'We Are Marshall'(that movie is the shit). School colors are green and white. Has a great medical program.
Kelly: "You going to that Marshall game saturday?"
Carly: "For sure...the Herd is the shit."
Kelly: "I know, I am so glad i am going to attend Marshall University."
by little.potato.grower September 10, 2008

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