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basically, it's a contemptuous term used by critics to denote the same old, same old themes used over and over again, especially in catagories of popular music such as cock rock and cock country. For example: "Ooh baby I just want to make love to you" or descriptions of life on the road, "love 'em and leave 'em" (I can't establish a relationship with you girl, but maybe next year me and the boys will be back here and we can screw again), the inconveinence of getting VD, and all that rigmarol.
I read the CD booklet of a Midnight Oil album and the narrator was amazed that there was an Aussie band that not only truly sounded Australian, even in their accents, but one that had somethings important to say, let alone anything to say period. Something besides the usual touring-and-getting-VD bromides, which he described as "chicks and dicks".
by California Sun August 25, 2007
a slang term for being bisexual
Guy #1: Dude! You are so gay!
Guy #2/Girl: So what? Yeah I'm gay! I like chicks and dicks!
by rckrchica03 November 08, 2012

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