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Two bullet shots to the head in close succesion and close proximity made by an experienced marksman.
Just then, two shots rang out. Palmer slumped to the ground, having taken a double tap to the back of the head from 2nd Lt Pino Martello's sidearm; apouncy little Beretta 22.
by Typus May 31, 2005
A zit in your nose that hurts like fuck.
I have a nose zit and it hurts like fuck.
by Typus June 04, 2005
To fuck someone's partner.
The last words that Palmer heard were from his treacherous Second Lieutenant. In a mincing voice, Pino yelped with glee, "Now I'll be able to cut your lunch again, Brian! Nagem is mine! All mine!"
by Typus May 31, 2005
To do something, usually forbidden, in a sly, sneaky manner.
They were thankful for the sunglasses. It enabled them to surreptitiously cast their joint gaze over Damina's ravishing body.
by Typus June 02, 2005
Three words: Best. Porn. Ever.
"Bugger!" he whined, throwing the book down in disgust amongst his pile of dog-eared and semen-encrusted 'Chicks with Dicks' magazines. "I wish George and Tony were here now."
by Typus June 02, 2005
1. A word that sounds like the word it describes.

2. A six syllable word used by smart asses to sound more clever than they really are.
1. Fwap-fwap-fwap is an onomatapoeia.

2. Isn't Megan a smart ass?
by Typus July 02, 2005
The visual effect of pulling your underwear up so high that either testicle hangs out its respective leg hole.
Brian and Jaymz had no fucking idea what to do with pale pink lacey g-strings, both of them being professional virgins. Jaymz put them on his head, crotch over his mouth and poked out his tongue, doing his best impression of a spitting viper. Brian put them on in the right place, but his balls were hanging out either side. "Look!" he exclaimed with glee, "I'm a blowfly!"
by Typus May 31, 2005

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