your handwritting is so bad it looks like a chicken could have wrote the same thing....or maybe even better. you are the only one who can decifer your writtin.
yo man that handwritting looks like chicken scratch..hahahahahaha!
by eirbear2204 June 21, 2003
Alternating upper and lower case letters in text talk, typically found extremely annoying. Due to grammar nazis and people with frontal lobes making fun of them, they soon become emo.
ChIcKeNsCrAtCh is the font style that newbies use to try to be cool.
by JephN October 04, 2006
Mexican American Indian adaptations of polka music. From the O'odham Indians in Arizona.
Can be danced to only if Mexican, Indian, or if White or any other ethnicity while drunk.
When I heard that chicken scratch last night I had to grab me a big girl and two step.
by O'odham polka May 09, 2010
An strain of a sexually transmitted disease that comes from interacting with loose women (I.E. "chickenheads.")
After our fun last night, I woke up with a bad case of chickenscratch.
by Curtis Meyer July 23, 2008
when you have an itch and scratch so much you make a rash or damage the skin until bleeding
when you have crabs and scratch your balls until they bleed this is called chicken scratch
by kingjimmy2 December 25, 2007
A scratch from a chicken
Chicken Scratch of dominoes
by ass November 26, 2007
Bad speed made from chicken feed
My freind makes chicken scratch in his bathtub
by UFO! January 23, 2004

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