A boy who wants to get and keep as much girls as he can on his own, just like a chicken wants to keep ALL her eggs!!!
You are such a chicken boy!

Hate you!Chicken Boy!
by Yumoke February 02, 2009
Top Definition
The person you blame after coming home from being away for a week and discovering chicken bones and ants in your room. Chicken boys make strike any house at any random given day, so be prepared. Chicken boys may seem humorous to your friends, but if it is your room under siege, you will be very very upset.
One of my closest friends, Isabel, went to the city for a week and came home to find her room under the destruction of DUN DUN DUHHHH, Chicken Boy. When Sean, my other close friend, spoke the name of He Who Must Not Be Named (Chicken Boy) Isabel got very pissed off.
by watermelontheif September 06, 2009
A kid who plays videogames over the internet's screen name.

A mutatino that is half chicken and half human male.
VideoGamePlayer: Chicken-Boy owns me.

"Would a Chicken-Boy taste good"
by Steven Jack August 06, 2004
A nickname for somebody who dare not do potentially harmful things for entertainment e.g. jump off roofs
Man 1: Hey, jump off that roof now
Man 2: No i feel too scared
by PeteDaBeeKeeperExtraordinare September 06, 2008
A no good dip spitting, Four wheel Driving, Mud Playin, Country Music Listen To redneck from the south.
A Shit Shoveler
A Redneck
"That Chicken Boy Mo' Fucker"
"Fuck that Dirty Chicken Boy"
by Skitz_awicked_juggalo August 17, 2009
a weak,pathetic boy who has a severe case of micro penis
and is a mentally retarded freak that abuses people who offer him chicken free of charge.
zomg rofl dewwy is such a chicken boy!
by theetyaced April 26, 2008
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