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The person in a group of friends - typically when the group is eating pizza or any similar food - who decides to reach for the dipping sauce with the slice, and in turn pulls the dip entirely out of your ability to reach for it.
Joey: "Jordan, if I'm already completely wasted, why the hell would you shovel the garlic dip out of my range of reach?!"
Jordan: "Damn son, sorry for being a shoveler."
by Joey Steel September 12, 2009
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A girl who takes the semen left on her belly and places it inside her vagina with the intent to become impregnated
Mike: Dude I heard you got Sheila pregnant
Dale: I busted on her belly though
Mike: She must be a shoveler
Dale: Damn, you're right...I'm gonna be a dad
by Shovelove July 13, 2015
One who, without consciousness of doing so, holds a spoon or fork in their hand in a manner that resembles holding a bike handle, and proceeds to shovel the food into their face as if they were a caveman.
Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a shoveler in a nice restaurant.
by Flipcyde96 August 11, 2005

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