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A coward who is scared to do something, or afraid of something.
That chicken call me a punk then he ran, that chicken was about to get his sorry @$$ kicked.
by Shadow Prince December 07, 2005
2 9
This girl i know who is semi-short, has black hair, big brown eyes, and a laugh that you could hear from fucking Timbuktu. Damn, what a loud bird we have in our hands.
Ya hear that chicken over there? With the rainbow shoelaces?
by SaRaH August 26, 2003
1 8
A females backdoor entry. Anus
Come on baby, give me some chicken girl.
by Shoom May 15, 2003
1 8
a an irritating farm animal

or bird...or whatever you want to call it o_O
its food too...after you slaughter the bird...and stuff...
then you put it in the grocery store and then when
you buy fry it (That rhymes :D)

and you got yourself...a Friday night dinner
and another when your a wuss
and scared of chickens :D
chicken farms....

guy1: im too scared to fry the chicken!
guy2: your such a chicken!
by Yo llama April 15, 2011
1 9
Got any chicken? (As in rhyming slang for chicken and leak....Beak) Beak also used for cocaine.
by REL74 February 10, 2010
4 12
A black man's best friend.
I love my chicken!
by LoL muffin man December 30, 2009
12 20
the code word for marijuana. you can also say it with a biscuit and some fries.
marijuana, weed, chicken
by gasmokey April 05, 2009
4 12