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the comparison of hitting someone with a combination or flurry of punches, usually 2 or 3 hits, with a personal fried chicken meal of the same number of pieces.

Because a 2 or 3 pc. meal usually includes a biscuit (among other things like a side dish), "with a biscuit" makes reference to this indirectly. This exclamatory term was coined by MaSTA SoLIDUS, and is usually used in multiplayer action games, or while watching anything where a person/party is hit with a combo of punches.

Sometimes contracted to just 'biscuit' or 'the biscuit'.
- "With a Biscuit"

- Man he tried to duck, so I caught him in the stomach...two piece. With a biscuit.

- All he does is give them the biscuit when he plays Gears of War.

by MaSTA_SoLIDUS October 10, 2008
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