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11 definitions by dugald

What you say when you want hookers to leave an executive's house before you shoot him in the legs several times and leave a grenade on his coffee table.
Clarence Boddicker: "Bitches, Leave!"
by dugald December 17, 2004
The sinister bald-headed, goatee-sporting leader of the terrorist group "Brotherhood of N.O.D." in the Command & Conquer series. Played by Joseph Kucan.
kane is the leader of NOD
by dugald December 01, 2004
Villain from the Mario Bros. series. Looks like a fat, bald turtle with thick glasses. It rides a cloud and hovers near the top of the screen, following Mario wherever he goes. Lakitu is a heartless bastard because he seems to have no problem with pitching an infinite number of his spiked progeny to their death in an attempt to wound or at least annoy Mario. However, he was recently changed careers from most annoying Mario enemy ever, to doing camera work for Mario in his more recent 3-D games, as well as refereeing for the Mario Kart series.
Doug: "Goddammit son of a bitch Lakitu keeps respawning and throwing more eggs at me! FUCK OFF YOU STUPID LAKITU!"
Jared: "Chill man, a balance must be struck in the Mushroom kingdom. Man must learn to coexist with the Lakitu."
by dugald January 01, 2005
Term used to describe a gay person on open water, usually implying involvement in piracy or public disturbance.
"Look at those swishbucklers protesting George Bluth Sr.'s retirement! Take your gay pride cruise somewhere else!"
by dugald February 23, 2005
he was Al on home improvement
hey did you know that richard karn plays al on home improvement
by dugald December 04, 2004
Term defining a large truck or group of people that obstructs the flow of traffic, either intentionally or unintenionally. Taken from Starcraft, where Ultralisks commonly block up base entrances by accident, preventing zerglings from entering or leaving.
Doug: Dammit, this semi is being a real ultralisk.
Steve: Well, I think you'll get a shot at passing it in a second, oh wait, he moved to keep you from passing. What an ultralisk.
by dugald December 23, 2004
Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler. It is incontestibly the girliest, queerest dance song ever made. However, despite that it is an irresistible and catchy tune.
"Dammit...they're playing that Total Eclipse song again...my girlfriend's gonna want to slow dance with me now, FUCK!"
by dugald March 08, 2005