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A person of British descent that typically bitches.
A bitcher, whiner, complainer.
Damnit, Luke is acting like a Fitzhugh; therefor, bitching alot.
by guess so May 17, 2008
The most clever and charismatic man to ever have graced this planet. Often referred to simply as "fitz," Ftizhugh is truly a magnificent specimen of human existence.
"I heard that Tom just donated his entire life savings to build a shelter for Ethiopian children! And he's managed to have sexual intercourse with 5 women this month!!"
"Wow, he's definitely beginning to remind me of Fitzhugh..."
by Louis O'Brian September 23, 2010
an indie indian who is awfully pale for an indian.
like omgzzzzzz did you see that super hot indian fitzhugh over there?
by Hannah Weinstein March 22, 2007
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