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A person of British descent that typically bitches.
A bitcher, whiner, complainer.
Damnit, Luke is acting like a Fitzhugh; therefor, bitching alot.
by felth00 May 17, 2008
22 12
The most clever and charismatic man to ever have graced this planet. Often referred to simply as "fitz," Ftizhugh is truly a magnificent specimen of human existence.
"I heard that Tom just donated his entire life savings to build a shelter for Ethiopian children! And he's managed to have sexual intercourse with 5 women this month!!"
"Wow, he's definitely beginning to remind me of Fitzhugh..."
by Louis O'Brian September 23, 2010
8 1
an indie indian who is awfully pale for an indian.
like omgzzzzzz did you see that super hot indian fitzhugh over there?
by Hannah Weinstein March 22, 2007
12 6