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A drink similar to Ouzo, but made from grapeseed, not aniseed, ranging from 40% to 60%. Can cause hilarity in the correct hands/mouth.
I definitely raki'd that one
by rob February 25, 2005
Anise flavored alcoholic beverage from Turkey similar to the Greek Ouzo, and Arabic Arak, but is less sweet and therefore tastes better (in my opinion)

Similar types of drinks are popular elsewhere in the Mediterranean e.g sambuca and pastis. But there's nothing like a good Raki, aka. Lion's milk.

Best enjoyed by the sea, with a view of the Bosporus at sunset, with a mezze selection (the minimum requirement being melon and feta cheese), fish, good music and good friends.
Raki is not just a drink, it's an experience, a philosophy a lifestyle!
by CheckYourselfB4UWreckYourself February 04, 2010
delicious turkish drink. it is harder than ouzo. ouzo tastes a little sweet compared to raki. most popular one is "yeni raki" which means "new raki" in Turkish. it is like a tradition to drink it in turkish lands. like drinking tequila in mexico. it is called 'lion milk' in street talk, because of its hardness or its color is white.
lets have raki-fish in bosphorus.
by irmak April 18, 2007
Raki is a traditional Turkish drink.
It is way better than this greek crap that called ouzo .
something you should try at least once in your life.It is also known by lion milk in slang
I missed drinking RAKI with a fish
yeah dude, it is the best combination of raki and meal

Olsada demlensek sole bi guzel

icelim guzelleselim :D
by Ser-G- June 14, 2007

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