It comes from the Canadian meaning of a Drug-Dealer. A Chewbacca is a smuggler for money and drugs. He will take all your crack and sell it to a Pimp named Yoda.
1)That guy is a Chewbacca!

2)You got the money, I'll be your Chewbacca!

3)Yo man! I don't play like dat! You think I'm gonna be your Chewbacca!?
by Frizz da Shizz September 11, 2004
the real chewbacca lives in a lovely town known as driff. is often seen glazed over on cloud 9.fuckd evry mum in driff in the ass. spotted with a bong most often n he owns a huge ginger bush.
Whos that person with Miles' mum?

O its chewbacca
by Miley n MC November 13, 2003
a person who will change his hair style to be a gangster,
person who is influenced by starwars, aka ugly mofo. that thinks cripping is the sh!t
"omg look at that fugly chewbacca!!!"
by roflwtfbbqsauceme March 08, 2006
When engaged in sexual interourse the man pulls out slaps the female with his hairy balls until she is unconcious at which point he shaves all of his pubic hair off and glues it to her face in the shape of chewbacca.
see above example. sexual intercourse is fabulous when you use chewbacca.
by Ashface MarcaurAY November 11, 2006
After chaining your broad to the toilet, feed her a laxative, and wait. While waiting shave her head. Then superglue the hair to her body in "Wookie like" patterns. Then unchain her and give her anal love, then catch the diarrhea in a fish bowl, and feed it to her. Then continue on with the anal love until she goes "grrrrllll"
I woke up bold and my ass was aching. I realized I had been subjected to a Chewbacca.
by Lindsay Lu August 03, 2006
walking carpart!
by LaRgO November 09, 2003

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