The resulting sound after using a chippling device.
Henry:Damn that was one hell of a chipple, aggGGhhhuuuUUugghh.
Dan:wow that was a big chewbacca.
by Henry chipplemiester October 27, 2006
The Wookie noise a woman makes when your pounding her from behind and you pull it out and shove it in her but.
Man, last night, i was doing this chick, and i pulled a chewbacca, she screamed like chewy, man.
by Jack_the_ripper September 28, 2005
1. An 8-foot tall, hairy creature from Kashyyk.
2. A slang term for an armpit with more hair than a rat.
3. See Keven Burgess
1. Someone get this walking carpet out of my way.
2. Caitlin has scary chewbacca-pits
3. Keven, you have no friends, now take off the damn 3-d glasses!
by Logan Smith January 19, 2004
-A bear-like character from star wars commonly assumed to be male (like dogs)but apparently female
-The foul habit of chewing tobacco in the mouth, or a person with the filthy habit
That grainy film of bigfoot is blatantly someone in a chewbacca costume
by ru August 10, 2004
a guy who has a big head with big ears and ginormous feet; NORMAN HARRY DOCDOCIL.
Chewbacca owes Princess Lauren his life and money for pissing her off.
by renella February 26, 2007
Chewbaccas (plural)
thick, black, curly armpit hair that looks and smells like a small dead animal. common amongst males, and scandonovian women, and unseccesful french whores.
holy shit kate, put your fuckin arms down, your chewbaccas are scaring every1 away
by xXdonuts rgoodXx July 04, 2003
a person that lives in next door to you, that has a lot of hair. Pisses all over the toilet seat, washes with herbal essence once a week. Might show signs of gayness. Doesnt fit in. Smells like shit, and rotten cabbage at the same time, and fucks his sister.
Oh man Chewbacca is taking a shower, that means we have to vacuum again!
by wallflower_mike January 29, 2004

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