Argentinian word for the upper classes that dress very fancy and talk as if they had a potatoe stuck in their mouth. Luckilly, the female chetos (chetas) are stuning, have great tits and ass and for all's pleasure, they are the biggest bitchies.
Last night i went dancing and got in a fight with a cheto because he told me that my shoes were awful. what a jerk. fortunetly, they fight like sissies and i kicked his ass.

boy oh boy that woman is built alright. i hope she is as easy as she looks. thank god for chetas.
by Lucas Larre April 08, 2008
Top Definition
An Argentine word for "Posh" It can imply a bit of snobbishness when used for that which is unnecessarily extravagant.
I will not go to that cheto club which charges $10 for a Budweiser because all of the people are cheto
by Randag October 02, 2005
A small town in Southwest Texas also known as Asherton. People in this town proudly declare "Soy de Cheto y te la Meto". A term made famous by Ricky T.
Hey, whats the name of that small town north of Laredo??? Oh, you mean Cheto. It's also know as Asherton...
by Rhadio Khilla January 05, 2010
new word refering to cool stuff, people, fashion...
its like saying *cool*
*that's so cheto!*
*you are a super cheto person!*
*those new shoes are cheto*
by sweety February 17, 2005
In Spanish (or Mexico's DF, at least) means a guy who wasn't circumcised, or just as the adjective "uncircumcised". This comes from Cheetos, a brand of crunchy, cheesy, irregularly-shaped crisps from Frito-Lay. I think it can also mean the actual uncircumcized member.
Ese tipo es cheto.

Ese cheto es un bendejo.

He's a cheto because his uncircumcised schlong looks like a Cheeto.
by yeyYAY June 10, 2006
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