One of the four "Natural Sciences" (The others being Maths , Physics and Biology) . Taugt at secondary school , highschool and university.
Firstly taught at 7th grade ( sometime 8th) , chemistry at this level is the study of mole , mass , principles of mass conversion , solutions and compound identification .
Chemistry in highschool mainly focuses on two aspects : Inorganic (10th and 11th Grade) and Organic Chemistry(11th and 12Th grade) .According to students it's one of the most boring subjects ever to have enslaved humanity . Still it's better and more interesting than History , Maths and Physics - The three shits of apocalypse .

After entering college , freshmen often find themselves trapped in the overwhelming matrix of chemistry , cuz there are 5 branches of chemical studies in college and they piss them off. They are:

Inorganic Chemistry : The study of compounds which are non-related to carbon. Nerds love this.
Organic Chemistry : It's fucking complicated but very interesting . Closely related to biology .
Biochemistry : The best subject in college after World of Warcraft .
Analytical Chemistry : The study of analyzing reactions , the bastard child of Maths and Physics .Who gives a fuck about this shit ?
Physical chemistry : Satan himself .

Conclusion : fucking hard , but still better than Maths , Physics , History and Philosy - The new 4 shits of the grand apocalypse .
Matt the nerd : We're havin' Analytical , physical and Organic chemistry today !!!
Bob the fail : FUCK !!!!!
by DevaDH1994 January 17, 2010
Easy class in high school, pain in the ass in college. Be well-prepared.
Wow, my first lab in this chemistry class lasted four hours and my eyes are drier than that time I tried weed.
by George! May 16, 2006
The study of molecules and their interaction.
Chemistry is a game for dope-ass motherfuckers.
by Didds March 25, 2003
the attraction between two people
I wanna kiss that girl to see if there's any chemistry
by iwishihadit January 26, 2004
A 'relivent' subject 'taught' in high schools designed to ideally make sure you can't get into collage after failing it in your exams due to the teacher you had being an irresponsible, irritating, uncaring, potentially unqualified hater of children.
Chemistry was the reason she lived in the convent.
by El_ June 11, 2006
A science in which one extends their knowledge of the Periodic Table by occasionally mixing the wrong chemicals, lighting stuff on fire, freezing stuff in liquid nitrogen, highlighting the hell out of their periodic table until it looks like a unicorn licked it, and understanding how all this stuff applies to the little tiny bits that make up every last bit of everything.
Person 1: Hey! Did you guys do that lab today in Chemistry with the thing that blew up?

Person 2: Yeah! That was so totally epic!
by Dreamweaver38 April 08, 2010
Originated in Slovenia from a herd of aboriganie bovine. The rarest and deadliest form of leprosy. Comes in six different periods or phases. In its developed stages, body parts involuntarily sever connection at the slightest vibration.
I just found out I have chemistry, 3rd period.
by Bhevis September 24, 2003

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