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The combination of the words "bore" and "moron".
One scientist was such a boron that he named an element after what he was.
by Mike the Ekim December 23, 2004
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1. an element. Atomic Mass 5 on the periodic table. A non metal.

2. A boorish moron.

~ Boron is classified as a non-metal and has 5 protons and 5 electrons.

~ You are by far the biggest Boron on the face of this earth.
by Dan.D. March 30, 2009
a person who talks the most but says the least
Don't encourage the boron, he'll keep talking....
by b December 27, 2004
Boron, or Borons plural, describes a person or persons who are both moronic and boring.
Example: Come on you Borons! Let's go do something fun instead of sitting around all day!
by Cammalammadingdong July 22, 2012
a bozo, and moron at the same time.

used, to avoid moron, in which some certain literature teachers of my own will category as swear words.
omg! can you belive tht boron just got her earwax on my brand new ipod headphones!!

grrr. what a flippin boron, can you belive that??
by aeromonkey74 December 31, 2008
shop. a male who is purely the biggest douche on earth.
tim stop being a born and dont eat dirt
by Bubba December 25, 2004
1. A material currently sold in New New York.

2. Someone who cuts and pastes the dictionary and posts it online.
1. This episode of Futurama is brought to you by "Mom's Molten Boron"

2. What kind of boron posts "An advanced composite material used in the aero space industry which is similar in strength to titanium"?
by tophertg July 14, 2004

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